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“Josh Denslow’s stories are intricate, fun, and beautiful, though always about heartbreak and loss. They’re like perfect little castles made of jewels and lego bricks that rise out of a howling abyss.”
—Ben Loory
author of Tales of Falling and Flying

“Josh Denslow’s Not Everyone is Special is truly irresistible. Subversive, hilar- ious, and profoundly moving, these stories should come with a warning labelto clear your schedule before you begin because you’ll find yourself bingereading the entire book. A sensational debut.”
—Kirstin Chen
author of Bury What We Cannot Take

“Denslow makes his cast of outsiders, six-time losers, and lovelorn loners both heartbreaking and unforgettable. This debut collection sparkles with heart, bitter satire, and irresistible aplomb.”
—–J. Ryan Stradal
author of Kitchens of the Great Midwest

“Denslow does something here that’s refreshing and unique in the literary landscape: he skips the cynicism and heads right for the emotional honesty, producing some of the best dialogue (internal and external) that I’ve read in ages. This book is a genuinely warm and funny book about what it means to be a human in the modern world.”
—–Amber Sparks
author of The Unfinished World

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