I received my BA from the film program at Columbia College Chicago where I focused on directing and editing. Upon graduating, I moved to Los Angeles and spent years working for actors, directors, and agents, including a stint assisting Jon Amiel on a pilot for Fox, a year as Simon Baker's assistant, and three years working in casting for CBS. During my time on television sets, I wrote/directed/produced three short films. FAMILY DINNER NIGHT played the Palm Springs International Short Festival, the San Diego Film Festival, and LA Shorts Fest.

My feature scripts have won the Santa Monica Film Festival Screenwriting Award and have been in the top 15% of the Nicholl Fellowships. I have a brand new feature script entitled POTENTIAL that spotlights the Austin music scene that I love so dearly. I plan to produce and direct it in the coming years, as soon as I can successfully get through pre-production. Expect more updates soon.